Cost for Services

WE are not affiliated or contracted with ANY insurance plans. You may be able to get care from a contracted provider at a lower cost than you will pay at our office.

  • $120 New Patient Exam and Treatment
  •  $45  Adjusment only
  •  $65 Adjustment and One Therapy (Therapy= Electric Muscle Stsimulation, Dry Needling, PEMF Resonance Stimulation)
  •  $80 Kitchen Sink- Adjustment and Two Therapies (Therapy list same as above)
  •  $95 Adjustment, Laser and Therapy (Therapy list same as above)
  •  $85 Adjusment and Laser Session
  •  $65 Dry Needling Treatment
  •  $30 Rock Tape Treatment
  •  $40 Erchonia EVRL Laser Session
  •  $200 Erchonia EVRL Laser Package 1 (6 Visits with one free- save $40)
  •  $320 Erchonia EVRL Laser Package 2 (10 Visits with 2 free- save $80)

         (Laser package reimbursement for partial use $40 per session,  free session will not be reimburseable)

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