Ims Relieves Muscle Tension in Colorado

Living organisms need electromagnetism to survive and thrive. iMRS is a new technology that helps fight back the toxic electric frequencies that are now so pervasive in our daily lives.

In our clinic in Parker, we use the clinically proven, world leading manufacturer MediConsult’s MRS2000/iMRS, a German-engineered wellness device. The MRS 2000/iMRS can help you regain your health and turn back the clock.

The MRS 2000/iMRS energized cells with the frequencies they need and counteracts toxic EMFs. It helps reduce pain, oxygenate cells,supports the healing process, and much more. Contact us today for more information including testimonials. , scientific supporting data and pricing. We offer treatments in our clinic, rent and sell iMRS devices and ship anywhere in the world! We have several years of experience using this unit and can provide you with the best support and information.

For many, the idea of there being such a thing as harmful electromagnetic frequency (EMF) smog has never crossed their minds. If you cannot see it, it does not exist, right?

EMF smog is all around us: everyday, everywhere we go. It originates from the frequencies of cell towers, Wi-Fi in cafes, cell and cordless phones, High-Definition televisions, laptop computers, microwaves and especially in our vehicles. EMFs are making us ill by breaking down the very structure of our cells. 

Where the prevention and correction of ill health is concerned, I have always been a proponent of the idea that “the cure is found in the prevention.” Moreover, when we are feeling ill or in pain, the best route is to take the natural, holistic and least invasive path toward removal of symptoms and toward a cure. In other words, don’t mask the symptoms; correct the imbalance that is at the root of the issue. Yet, when the root cause of the imbalance is the unseen electromagnetic frequencies attacking us in every direction, how can a correction of the cause happen?

It turns out (much like the discovery of both good and bad cholesterol), that certain EMFs are actually good for us. In fact, we can’t live without them. As a result, much research has gone into refining pulsed EMF therapy and the results are impressive.

Paul Rosch, M.D., of New York Medical College, went on record to say, “While EMFs are responsible for quite a bit of damage, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Pulsed electromagnetic (PEMF) therapies have been shown to be beneficial for stress related disorders, for anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, depression and more. They also may be safer and more effective than drugs.”