Outsmart your Cancer Review

Cancer is more than a $100 billion a year business and could reach over $170 billion by 2020 and around 1 in 4 people could die from cancer. But does it have to be that way? Ken MacDermotRoe and Gus Cantavero, co-hosts of the radio series In Context, discuss non-toxic alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation in the treatment of cancer and the efforts of the cancer industry to suppress these alternative treatments. The discussion draws on material from Tanya Harter Pierce's book Outsmart Your Cancer. Ken and Gus's entire radio interview with Tanya Harter Pierce is archived at www.incontextreport.com.

We first list how the medical community has confused the conversation about cancer treatment by obscuring the statistics and how environmental influences have helped cancer rates to rise uncontrollably. Then we list some of the treatments described in the book.

Neither co-hosts Ken MacDermotRoe and Gus Cantavero nor Tanya Harter Pierce, author of Outsmart Your Cancer, are physicians and nothing in this program should be regarded as providing medical advice or prescribing treatment. Rather, the purpose of this program is to encourage cancer patients to research all available cancer treatments, including non-toxic treatments, and to discuss them with their doctors.

This program is an edition of the series In Context produced by MDR Productions, Inc. In Context is a live, call-in show that originates at Pacifica affiliate WPKN 89.5 FM, Bridgeport, CT whose signal reaches most of Connecticut and parts of New York.

It is broadcast on the first Sunday of the month at 10pm and first Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm and is streamed live at wpkn.org. For further information, please visit www.incontextreport.com.  www.outsmartyourcancer.com