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These are specialty products we have found that people love... 

  • Thrive Market

    All you favorite health products 25-50% off.  Try free for 30 days.  Join for less than $5 per month.  Health food delivered to your door.  Can purchase diet specific products too!  Make eating well affordable and convenient!

  • Wellevate Online Dispensary

    Order professional quality supplements for you and your pets online.  We are able to give you special pricing and free shipping for order of $49 or more...  Check it out..  Easy, affordable option to create a healthier life..


  • Professional Nutritional Products

    Designs for Health is a Professional nutrition company.  We have set up a few discounts for you. Practitioner Code: CARRIEWOLF

    Patient Free Shipping Code: DFHSELECT

    Patient Referral Promo Code (25% off first order):DFH27153

  • Keto Kreme

    Have you ever heard of "butter coffee", or "BP coffee",  This is a shortcut to an amazing tasty health beneficial Kreme to add to coffee or tea and even make ice cream and cookies from.  Order here:

  • Protandim

    The most studied and tested Nrf2 on the planet.  So many amazing benefits!

    to order:

  • Intellibed  

    Better mattress for:  better support, better materials (non-toxic), better comfort, better durability.

    Use DrCarrieWolf77  to get a 10 % discount on your new bed..