AmnioTic Allograft Stem Cell Therapy

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Our purpose at Wolf Chiropractic and Antidote Stem Cell is to educate our community on the exciting benefits of amniotic allograft stem cell therapy.  We’ve affiliated with Stem Cell Health Centers in order to offer you the collective experience of clinics performing these procedures across the country. 


We want you to get your health back.  We believe that patients deserve options when it comes to their healthcare.  Many “traditional” treatments commonly offer care that reduces the symptoms at the high cost of devastating side effects.  Even common over the counter remedies like NSAIDS and Cortisone block pain but worst of all block healing causing further damage to joints and digestive systems.


Regenerative care such as stem cell therapy offers a safe effective approach directed at the cause of the symptoms. Which in turn reduces symptoms, without side effects.   Medical literature about stem cell therapy is growing quickly.  The benefits of stem cells for many ailments may be an answer you’ve been looking for.   


Are you tired of hearing? 

“Surgery is your only solution.”

“You are bone on bone so there’s nothing we can do.” 

“There’s a new medication that might help.”

“At your age you should expect to feel that way.”


We applaud you for looking outside “the box” when it comes to your health.  We look forward to helping you understand the option of stem cell therapy and if you are a good candidate. 

We are giving informational talks on a regular basis..  Please call or email for more information.