Innovative Body Recovery

Innovative Body Recovery (click here to learn more) is a company based in Colorado, founded on the quest to maintain the healthiest mind, body, and spirit through modern technologies.  Their mission is to provide opportunities for clients to achieve and maintain optimal health through state of the art equipment and services.

As a partner of Wolf Chiropractic our patients receive 20% off of services.

Whole Body Cryotherapy and SPOT Cryotherapy

(WBC) is exposing the body to very low temperatures.  

Whole Body Cold Laser Therapy

Our bed features a full body, Multiwave PhotoBioModulation chamber. 

It is the most advanced full body system of its type.

Transcranial Brain Low-Level Light Therapy

Magnito, a one of a kind cutting edge device that makes photons  light energy to reach the brain and circulatory system. It operates under the same principles of photobiomodulation.